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SSP is the original creator of the Water Blob®. Since 1985, we have been making Blobs® and selling them all around the world. There is no match for our materials and manufacturing. Our Blobs® are built to last; assembled with heavy-duty vinyl in an extremely durable process that is sure to handle any rough and tumble antics you or the kids can throw at it!

For kids of all ages! Let it all hang out and enjoy your “heart in your throat” experience of flying up in the air before your spectacular splash down. 

All products are constructed in the USA.


The WaterBlob® by Springfield Special Products is the industry leader in fun, safe waterfront products for more than 30 years.

The Wave Whirl is constructed to fit up to 3 people to ride it. The pull point is on the bottom so it will not go under water when you take off. Ours has a tractor tire tube inside that can be easily replaced as needed. We have built and tested these for heavy use for camps and resorts.



Our Blobs® have had cars dropped on them at 10 years old, lasting through hurricanes and regular wear and tear that kids can put them through. Our Blobs, ski tubes, water tubes, screen nets and foam mats are dielectrically sealed for extra strength.

SSP builds the best, most durable waterslides. All of the construction is of the same heavy duty coated vinyl as The Water Blob®. The seams are dielectrically sealed with a 2” weld for extra strength. SSP can build slides with widths of 5’, 10’, 15’, and 20’ wide. Lengths can run up to 220’ without a splice in them. Our largest waterslide to date is 450’ long. We publish step by step instructions on how they should be installed. 



SSP carries a variety of sizes and colors so you can design and customize your own unique Blob®. We have Blobs® appropriate for commercial and for personal use. The commercial Blobs® are designed for high usage such as kids camps and resorts. The Week-Ender can be used for yachts, boats, lake houses and ponds. Both products are made of the same heavy-duty vinyl that is made to last.

SSP also offers custom builds for archery nets, foam mats, and water slides and curtains. We use the same high quality material that you can expect from all SSP products.


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