Custom Vinyl Repairs


We can repair just about anything from inflatable water toys, tarps, conestoga trailer tarps, pool and boat covers. We can repair grain trailer tarps right on the trailer. You will have no extra expense of having to take the tarp off and reinstalling it when it is repaired. We can fix pin holes or entire sections. SSP can also repair straps.

All repairs are performed in the USA.

weathered and torn tarpaulin because of sun expose photo background

Inflatable repairs are one of our specialties, including bounce houses, water inflatables, etc.

We can apply permanent patches and sew ripped seams.

Bring us your pool cover while you are enjoying your pool and we will get it ready for another season. This is far less expensive than having to purchase a new one.


We offer tarp glue kits, as well as tarp repair tape so that you can repair your own.

Or back up to our dock doors and we can climb on your trailer to fix your tarp while you wait! 

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