RV Skirting


This is the most simple and economical way to insulate your RV, camper or fifth-wheel trailer during colder months. Our do-it-yourself skirting kits are easy to install, and circle around the bottom of the RV when stationary in order to insulate from cold weather and block moisture. They keep you warm, prevent pipes from bursting, save money, and look attractive. And we can customize them to almost any size! You can even store little used items inside of the skirting, keeping them out of sight!

All products are constructed in the USA.


Our kits are designed to insulate the space under the RV, preventing cold air movement and locking in warmth. This keeps your RV comfortable and toasty in the winter, and saves money on your heating costs!


Our RV skirts are made from high-quality, heavy-duty 18 oz coated vinyl, which will stand up in the harshest conditions. The material is tear-resistant and will not fray, and has rip-stop features, making it no problem to go around steps and pipes with minimal risk of damage to the skirt. And while we design them to last as long as possible, if your skirting ever does become damaged, we can also repair it.


We construct them with a 2” dielectric weld, which gives the skirting extra strength and keeps the edges from tearing. Our design also features a 3” pipe pocket on the bottom of the skirtings so that you may use PVC pipe to help it anchored. You can also use the grommets to stake it to the ground. And we manufacture the skirts in-house, so they are made in the USA!


SSP carries a variety of colors, so that you can match your RV. We can make kits from 50 ft to over 100 ft in length, and can design it to the exact height you need.

How to Choose Your Kit:

To determine the height of kit you need, we suggest measuring from the ground to the RV bottom at the tallest part on your RV, which is usually where the slide-outs are.

About Installation:

Installation is fast and easy, and can be done by one person. A Velcro loop is sewn to the top of the skirting for quick attachment. A 2.5″ pipe pocket is built into the bottom of the skirt (allowing a PVC pipe for anchoring), and grommets are placed every 5 feet for staking into the ground. We do not use twist snaps for installation of RV Skirting. Adhesive hooks are also available for installation.

RV Skirting Options

27” Complete Kit100’ long x 27” tall kit, includes 5th wheel skirt$1230.00
27” Skirt Only (Short)50 ft long x 27” tall, skirt only$555.00
27” Skirt Only (Long)100 ft long x 27” tall, skirt only$1015.00
32-44” Complete Kit100’ long x 32-44” tall kit, includes 5th wheel skirt$1375.00
32-44” Skirt Only (Short)50 ft long x 27” tall, skirt only$610.50
32-44” Skirt Only (Long)100 ft long x 27” tall, skirt only
Pricing includes 50′ – 100′ of velcro, depending on length of the kit.
Additional skirting per ft.$9.00 / ft
Additional 2” adhesive hook and loop$0.90 / ft
Twist Snaps$1.85 ea


We do not stock skirting for specific RV, campers or fifth-wheel models. You must determine the correct sizing you need by accurately measuring your vehicle. Every RV model is different, and the installation of the skirting may require additional Velcro.

50-100 feet of adhesive Velcro hook is included with complete kits only. It must be purchased separately for other kits.

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